Precinct Caucuses – Tuesday March 1, 2016

Clear Creek County Republican Caucus

Precinct Caucus date and time are set by the Colorado GOP.  Our County Chairwoman, Cindy Condon, has confirmed the locations for our 9 precinct caucuses.  In order to be involved in this election cycle, registered Republicans should attend their caucus.  Sign-in and credentials will start before 7:00 pm.  Guests may attend.  See the agenda below for the main objectives of the meeting.

Confirmed Locations for March 1, 7:00 pm.

Precinct 1,2,3:      Rocky Mountain Village, 2644 Alvarado Rd, Empire
Precinct 4:            Idaho Springs Baptist Church, 100 Colorado Blvd, Idaho Springs
Precinct 5,6:         Idaho Springs Visitor Center, 2060 Miner Street, Idaho Springs
Precinct 7:            ** “new” Center for the Arts Evergreen, 1318 Co Rd 65, Evergreen
Precinct 8,9:         King Murphy School, 425 Circle K Ranch Rd, Evergreen

** The old Bergen Park Church, next to Whippletree

Lookup your Precinct

Here’s a way to find your caucus location. It’s a link to the Colorado Republican Party. You put in your street address and zipcode and it will give you your precinct number and caucus location, and a person to contact.

What agenda to expect at caucus

Select caucus officers (temporary Chair, Secretary, Tellers).
Temporary, to run the caucus meeting.

Elect 2 Precinct Committee Persons (PCP).
To represent precinct at County Central Committee meetings.

Elect Delegates and Alternates to the County Assembly.
Nominate and elect by show of hands or secret ballot.

Recognize any candidates or candidate surrogates to speak.
Each one may be time limited.

Introduce, debate, and approve or reject written platform issues.
Only written platform items can be forwarded to County Assembly.




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