2016 Election Rally – Meet the Candidates

All Clear Creek County Voters:

Come Meet, Hear, and Support

Republican Candidates


We are excited about our 2016 County Candidates!

At the county assembly March 19 we nominated two candidates to the Republican primary ballot:

Sean Wood – Clear Creek County Commissioner, District 2

Cindy Condon – Clear Creek County Commissioner, District 3

In the primary election, June 28 they are each unopposed in their district but their campaigns are already well under way, preparing for the general election November 8.

Contact information follows:



Message from Colorado GOP Chairman Steve House

Visit CCCGOP on:




Clear Creek Republicans shared Steve House‘s post.
Published by Phil North · Yesterday at 3:24pm ·

ColoGOP Chairman Steve House gives heartfelt THANKS to all R-volunteers. Clear Creek County Republicans had outstanding delegates at Caucus, County, District and State Assemblies!

Steve House

In reflecting over the weekend and reviewing all the stuff in the news last week that is negative about The Colorado Republican Party, most of it blatantly untrue, I got really upset about the harsh rhetoric regarding “insiders” in the party. So who are these “insiders” in Colorado? Almost all of them are people who volunteer countless hours as county chairman, county officers, PCP’s, District Captains, and other roles who just happen to have been doing it for years because they care so much about our country.

They are also the people who went to caucus, just like they always do, who are also called activists because they work hard when they don’t have to, and many label them anti-establishment. They ran for delegate to county, congressional, and state assemblies. These activists don’t usually seek power they seek results, they believe in the principles of lower taxes, limited government, and greater freedom and they work to deliver that through volunteering their time, talent and resources. These aren’t people who work in the state capitol or Washington DC. They are people who live in places like Ouray, Otero, Phillips, and Moffat counties. They are people like Anil, our county chairman in Adams county who is always fighting uphill against a democrat machine with greater numbers and he does it while doing a full time job, raising a family and doing prison ministry as well. They are people like Janell Reid in Lincoln County who has given 36 years of her life to the county party as its leader not because she seeks to manipulate or control anyone, but because she cares and few if any will take on the responsibility.

There are examples in every county and in every geography in our state of people like this who the outside world is calling “insiders” who they think manipulated or stole someone’s vote. All we did here is to follow the rules as they are written in state law and party bylaws and nothing makes me more angry then to see individuals who finally woke up and then decided to criticize the very people that have been keeping them from being a socialist nation in the first place just because they didn’t like the outcome or process of an election here.

In conclusion: If you feel like you have the need to criticize any of us who donate our time to stop the liberal progressive machine from making America worse; then criticize, but you better be prepared to jump in and actually help solve the problem because the rest of us have been in the game fighting the battle for you too long for you to jump off your couch and scream at us just because you read some sensationalized story on Drudge that isn’t true and you aren’t interested in looking for the facts first. We need to do some things better but before you criticize these great people and push them out of the jobs they volunteer for you better be prepared to backfill them in those roles or we won’t win elections regardless of who our candidates are. Who will you blame then?

I am proud of the county organizations we have across the state and the staff we have at the state party for what they do on a daily basis to try and get good people elected. Thank you to all our volunteers, county officers, PCP’s, District Captains, donors and supporters for what you do. We know the truth and we appreciate what you do and what you endure.

Lincoln Day Dinner 2016

View the poster below for the

2016 Clear Creek County Republicans’ Lincoln Day Dinner

It is important to RSVP early so that the LDD Committee gets a head count for planning.

Please scroll down for RSVP  and Credit Card instructions.


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Clear Creek County Assembly 2016

Chairwoman Cindy Condon has posted this CALL to County Assembly:





Pursuant to the Election Laws of the State of Colorado, notice is hereby given that the Clear Creek County Republican Assembly will be held beginning at 9:00 AM on Saturday, March 19th, 2016 at the Elks Lodge, 1600 Colorado Blvd., Idaho Springs, Colorado for the purpose of transacting the following business:   (please plan to arrive no later than 8:45AM)

Designation of candidates for the following County offices:  Commissioner District 2, 3

Nomination and election of 11 delegates and 11 alternates to Republican State Assembly which will be held at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, April 9, 2016, at the World Arena located at 9185 Venetucci Blvd, Colorado Springs, 80906. (NOTE: Check-in and Credentialing will begin at 7:00 AM)

Nomination and election of candidates, delegates and alternates to the following elected positions and District Assemblies. Friday, April 8, 2016 at the Double Tree Hotel located at 1775 E. Cheyenne Mountain Blvd, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80906. 8:00 a.m.

Representative, Colorado House District No. 13:  11 delegates and 11 alternates, same date and location – times to be announced.

Senator, Colorado Senate District 2:  11 delegates and 11 alternates, same date and location – times to be announced.

2nd Congressional District Assembly: 11 delegates and 11 alternates, same date and location – times to be announced.


Certification of Precinct Committee Persons.

Selection of County vacancy committee for County Commissioner

Adoption of resolutions.


In addition to the County Central Committee Officers as delegates, the Clear Creek County Republican Central Committee has fixed the following number of delegates and an equal number of alternates to be elected at each precinct caucus to participate in the county assembly:

Precinct           Delegates   Alternates

1                          4           4

2                          3           3

3                          4           4

4                          4           4

5                          4           4

6                          3           3

7                          6           6

8                          5           5

9                          6           6

Total   40 delegates & 40 alternates

Plus Chairman,

Vice Chairman, Secretary =  3

delegate total                       43

Date: February 29, 2016.


Signed:  Cynthia Condon

Chairwoman, Clear Creek County Republican Central Committee


Attest: Phil North

Secretary, Clear Creek County Republican Central Committee


March 1 Republican Precinct Caucus Locations

One of our members Pasted Up this notice from the Courant Newspaper

Caucus 2016 March 1

Precinct Caucuses – Tuesday March 1, 2016

Clear Creek County Republican Caucus

Precinct Caucus date and time are set by the Colorado GOP.  Our County Chairwoman, Cindy Condon, has confirmed the locations for our 9 precinct caucuses.  In order to be involved in this election cycle, registered Republicans should attend their caucus.  Sign-in and credentials will start before 7:00 pm.  Guests may attend.  See the agenda below for the main objectives of the meeting.

Confirmed Locations for March 1, 7:00 pm.

Precinct 1,2,3:      Rocky Mountain Village, 2644 Alvarado Rd, Empire
Precinct 4:            Idaho Springs Baptist Church, 100 Colorado Blvd, Idaho Springs
Precinct 5,6:         Idaho Springs Visitor Center, 2060 Miner Street, Idaho Springs
Precinct 7:            ** “new” Center for the Arts Evergreen, 1318 Co Rd 65, Evergreen
Precinct 8,9:         King Murphy School, 425 Circle K Ranch Rd, Evergreen

** The old Bergen Park Church, next to Whippletree

Lookup your Precinct

Here’s a way to find your caucus location. It’s a link to the Colorado Republican Party. You put in your street address and zipcode and it will give you your precinct number and caucus location, and a person to contact.


What agenda to expect at caucus

Select caucus officers (temporary Chair, Secretary, Tellers).
Temporary, to run the caucus meeting.

Elect 2 Precinct Committee Persons (PCP).
To represent precinct at County Central Committee meetings.

Elect Delegates and Alternates to the County Assembly.
Nominate and elect by show of hands or secret ballot.

Recognize any candidates or candidate surrogates to speak.
Each one may be time limited.

Introduce, debate, and approve or reject written platform issues.
Only written platform items can be forwarded to County Assembly.




Frequently Asked Question in 2016

At Caucus, why don’t we hold the usual presidential poll (Straw Poll)?

Because the Colorado State Republican Party wanted our delegates to be un-bound.  New rules by the Republican National Committee would bind Colorado delegates to the candidate who won the straw poll going into the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio.





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